Hello, I'm Samuel. I make web stuffs and design various design things

I can build anything with Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Or just a plain old HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Some of the work I do is listed in the blocks just below this section

You can contact me via my email, my , or via the contact form here

Stuff i've made:


Code snippets made with CodePen


CodePen is a website used by designers and developers to make little front-end code snippets. CodePen also has many favorable features, like live updating, built in pre-processors, so on and so forth. The following pens below are pens that I have made that has been picked by the CodePen Staff

Daily UI #016 | Pop-Up / Overlay

CSS only tooltips

Navigation triangle

DailyUI #013 | Direct Messaging

Multi-Step Sign Up Form

Daily UI #012 | Ecommerce Item Slider

Daily UI #023 | Onboarding

Daily UI #009 | Music Player

DailyUI #032 | Crowdfunding Campaign Card

Modest Mouse Night on the Sun in CSS

Queens of the Stone Age Rated R Album Cover in CSS

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Scott's Oyster Bar

Logo, Menu, Website

Scott's Oyster Bar

Initial Design

Initial Design

Scott's Oyster Bar is a restaurant in Georgetown TX, that is run by my father

The goal of the website was to attract customers and give them necessary information (Menu, Specials, Contact Info, Etc...) Easily and quickly

SOB Logo 1

The logo is uses the Lobster Font, and matches the dinner-ish-feeling feel of the restaurant. I really like this font, but i wouldn't use it for anything that is trying to look modern. A good font nonetheless


Update 2/11/17

I have made a few, not live updates. here's a list of them

-Updated specials system with specials that expire and belong to days

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